In a first-century A.D. dialogue, the Stoic Epictetus tried to imagine a “city of Epicureans.” “Who will educate them?” he asked. “Who will manage the Gymnasia?” He feared that pleasure-seekers raising children in their mold would imperil the soul of youth. As far as David L. Tubbs is concerned, we are all Epicureans now. He wants to “document contemporary liberalism’s inattention” to the “interests of children.” His argument is that postwar courts, fortified by academia, have steadily enlarged individual “rights,” and that these rights intrude on the interests of children, interests often “adverse” to the freedoms of adults. Amoral freedom of expression manifesting itself in pornography or vicious films can corrupt the imaginations of the young. Invented rights to sexual privacy help produce unstable families or illegitimacy. Aggressive...


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