Manuel Flores is going to die.
You can bet your money it's true;
And dying, well, that's a common thing
That people know how to do.

And still, to say goodbye to life
Pierces me to the bone,
Life that is such an everyday thing,
So intimately known.

I look at my hands at daybreak,
I look at the veins, the pulse,
With a queer feeling, almost as if
They belonged to someone else.

Four final bullets will come and then
I won't know if any mourn;
Merlin the magician said it:
Dying is having been born.

So many things on the road of life
Were given these eyes to see!
Who knows what other things
After Christ judges me.

Manuel Flores is going to die,
You can bet your money it's true,
And dying is a common thing
Everyone knows how to do.

This article originally appeared in The New Criterion, Volume 10 Number 4, on page 38
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