A poet and particularist
C. H. Sisson    On the Look-out: A Partial Autobiography.
Carcanet, 234 pages, £14.95

reviewed by Tess Lewis

C. H. Sisson opens his measured autobiography, On the Look-out, with characteristic skepticism.

I have the greatest difficulty in believing in the existence of human personality, and I hardly know what sort of thing it would be if it did exist. That there are people—men and women, conveniently classified as such—I can of course see as well as the next man. But it is evident that when people talk of themselves they are thinking of something quite different… . I find it easier to believe in God than in the existence of personality. That puts some difficulties in the way of an autobiography.

Yet Sisson hardly finds these difficulties insurmountable, leading one to suspect that this master of...


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