Marcel Proust On Reading Ruskin:
Prefaces to La Bible d'Amiens and
Sésame et les Lys with Selections from
the Notes to the Translated Texts.
Translated and edited by Jean Autret,
William Burford, and Phillip J. Wolfe,
with an introduction by Richard Macksey.
Yale University Press, 227 pages, $18.50

Flaubert's Trois contes (1877) is a medieval stained-glass window in a cathedral depicting the legend of St. Julian the Hospitaller flanked by a modern saint whose virtue exemplifies that of Julian, and by John the Baptist, whose martyrdom is the archaic fact generating Julian and Félicité. The design of this work allows for resonances among the three stories of such a symbolic and aesthetic richness that the reading of them helplessly becomes a meditation. We see that the three stories are somehow one story. The whole art of narrative is...

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